Interaction between Radiation and Quantum matter

July 26 — July 28 @ Laboratory of Quantum Detectors, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia

School for young scientists

This school for young scientists, is aiming at MSc and PhD students and other young researchers interested in the interaction of radiation with matter (frequencies ranging from GHz to UV). The matter we are interested in comes in the form of nano-devices, which are made of different materials, and are coupled to radiation. We consider different materials such as superconductors, graphene, semiconductors, and normal metals.

The school will precede the conference 'Superconducting Quantum Technologies', which will be held in Moscow from July 30 to August 3, 2018.

Program committee of the school

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The speakers are:

The school is the second one of the series of schools for young scientists, conducted by MSPU within the framework of RSF grant #17-72-30036 "Interaction of radiation with quantum devices" (PI is Teunis M. Klapwijk). The site of the previous school is located here.